Other Services

Managed Services

​Our dedicated and experienced team will ensure your machines are filled and cleaned according to your requirements. All our machine operators are fully trained on an ongoing basis to ensure that the highest standards are continually met.

​Machine operators are continually checking the drink quality and liaising with our customers staff to ensure we meet the highest satisfaction level.

​For more information regarding our managed services, contact us on 01903 505605, or use the link below to message us your query.

Cashless Payments

Modernise your customers vending experience with our cashless payment systems. Due to the high volume of contactless debit and credit cards that are now in circulation, we believe cashless payment systems are the future in terms of where the vending machine industry is heading.

​At Sussex Vending, we strive to offer the latest technology available within the industry, therefore we now offer a variety of our vending machines with contactless card readers. Moreover, this card readers an be retrofitted to existing machines even if you are a new customer.