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Refresh 700 In Cup

700With ten drink selections and a total capacity of 740 drinks this exciting machine will serve the needs of the medium to large size business. Hot drinks only or with the optional chiller, one or more cold selections can be offered. Can be free vend, or coin operated. A change giving coin mechanism can be fitted as can the I- Key cashless payment system. Getting your drink is simplicity itself ! Fully automatic operation delivers your chosen drink to the illuminated cup station, the door opens automatically, you take your drink and enjoy it !

The Refresh 700 can give even greater drinks choice when sited on the Ice Break Can Vendor or the Snack Break Mini snacks machine (shown below). The Snack Break snacks machine can be interfaced with the Refresh 700 to give you a complete refreshment centre

Machine : 780mm x 1000mm x 450mm
Cabinet (optional) : 780mm x 950mm x 620mm
Machine & Cabinet : 780mm x 1950mm x 620mm

Machine : 74Kg
Cabinet : 32Kg