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evoThe Evolution range provides a truly versatile drinks vending solution for all environments where a high quality beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently. The machines offer a full range of instant, freshbrew and bean to cup drinks as well as an extensive selection of still and carbonated cold

With its large ingredient and cup capacity, dynamic looks and user friendly interface the Evolution has been developed to provide delicious, thirst quenching drinks around the clock. So, select your favourite from the menu, push the button, and enjoy the experience!

“...savour the full flavour of coffee brewed from fresh beans, a smooth freshbrew coffee
suitable for all day drinking or maybe a refreshing, freshly brewed leaf tea...”

  • Bean to Cup Coffee - Fresh Coffee made from ground beans
  • Espresso - A short dark coffee...intense and aromatic
  • Americano - A smooth long coffee made with espresso
  • Caffe Latte - A long mild milky drink with a shot of espresso
  • Caffe Mocha - A milky coffee made with espresso and chocolate
  • Cappuccino - A rich blend of milk and espresso topped with foamed milk
  • Freshbrew Tea - A thirst quenching leaf tea brewed to perfection

Technical Data
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 660 mm
Depth: 740 mm
Weight: 184 kg
Capacity: 600 cups