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Cino XS Grande

1Fresh Bean to Cup machine for the coffee shop experience

The Cino is a compact machine  with the capability of serving drinks quickly and reliably. Exact measures of fresh coffee beans are perfectly ground, then water is finally filtered through a state of the art micro brewer producing the perfect coffee.

This process ensures the aromas are released resulting in authentic tasting coffee. The talent of this machine does not end by making the perfect espresso. A special patented Speed Mix system will finish the drink, capable of making light frothy cappuccino tops or smooth lattes.

  • Number Of Ingredient Canisters: 4
  • Fresh Bean Canister
  • Instant Coffee/ Decaf
  • Milk Powder/ Cappuccino Topping
  • Vending Chocolate
  • Coin or cashless systems compatible

Machine Dimensions:
Height - 590 mm
Width - 420 mm
Depth - 584 mm