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fairtradeWe at Sussex Vending encourage customers to purchase sustainable consumables.

The Fairtrade Mark is more than a badge of hope for farmers in the developing world - it shows our commitment to paying coffee growers in particular a fair and proper price for their hard won crops. This can be 3 times more than free market prices. The growers also receive a premium that they can invest in community projects.

Farmers who get a better deal on their crops can properly husband their land and resources. By putting a lot of care into their crops and the forests that sustain them they are also helping to care for the environment.

Rainforest Alliance certified Tea and Coffee. Certification involves a holistic approach -- treating environment, ethics and economics equally. To meet the standards, farmers must commit to continuous improvements in worker welfare, farm management and environmental protection. Farmers learn how to improve their productivity and reduce costs by reducing pesticide use, eliminating waste and introducing better farming techniques. Workers earn decent wages and have access to good housing, education and healthcare. And the environment on which these farmers depend is protected.